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Today I’m the advertiser


Students are invited to put on an advertiser’s shoes. They have to think and create an advertisement for a newspaper, the Internet, radio or television (they decide) or a transmedia campaign (to fulfil a given purpose by using several media). This activity aims to teach some advertisement strategies in order to promote critical consumption.

  • Advertising
  • Audio
  • Comic
  • Design
  • Graphic
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Photo
  • Video


  • Create and modify written productions
  • Create and modify drawings and graphics
  • Create and modify photographic productions
  • Create and modify audio productions
  • Create and modify audiovisual productions


  • Recognise and describe
  • Compare
  • Evaluate and reflect
  • Apply
Learning areas
  • Arts
  • Foreign Languages
  • Language
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Sciences
  • Technologies
Card language
  • Spanish
  • English


90' (Variable)
Number of participants
  • 10-13
  • 14-16
  • 17-18
  • Pen, paper, pencils
  • Cardboards, mobile phone, tablet, computer


Key questions
  • How do advertisements attract my attention?
  • What are the strategies that advertisers use to sell/inform about a product?
  • ¿El anuncio nos hace comprar cosas / servicios que no necesitamos?
  • Who’s the target of the advertisement?
  • Where should we publish it in order to achieve that target?
  • What is valued by the target audience we want to reach?
  • What characteristics stand out in the product we want to sell?

Introduction – 10’

The activity starts with a kind of quiz. The teacher should bring some slogans to the lesson, read them aloud and students should say the name of the brand which the motto refers to. He/she can also present an image of a product and ask students an advertisement they remember or a slogan related to it. 

Reflection – 30’

Then, the teacher should show some advertisements and ask students to think about which kinds of strategies advertisers usually employ. For example: when the ad suggests that by using a specific product the consumer will be ahead of the crowd; when the ad suggests that if the consumer does not have a specific product they will be left behind because all the people have it; when the ad tries to convince us by using repetition; when the ad suggests that the product will change our lives; when the ad implies that by having a product the consumer will be part of an elite group or will be closer to a famous person; when the humour is the way to attract attention (it can be in the text, in the image, in the sound or in different ad elements); when the ad does not sell a product directly, because the product is not present in the ad and the consumer just sees the brand (See ‘Advertisement terms and definitions’ below).

Team work – 30’

The class should be divided into groups (3-4 people) and develop an advertisement following a strategy inspired by the works presented in the previous stage. Students can use the support they want and decide which product/service to sell.

Discussion – 20’

Each group should present their ads and classmates should try to explain the intention behind it. At the end, the group should explain the strategy they used to develop the ad.


The evaluation is made during the team work.


Sara Pereira. Universidade do Minho (Portugal),

Joana Fillol. Universidade do Minho (Portugal),

Pedro Moura. Universidade do Minho (Portugal),

  • Advertising
  • Audio
  • Comic
  • Design
  • Graphic
  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Photo
  • Video


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