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Narrating gameplay (Let’s Play)


Let’s Play videos have become one of the most popular content forms in Youtube and other video sharing platforms. Most of the LP’s include narration by the player, in addition to the recorded play action. This activity emphasizes the different modalities of playing, narrating play, and watching somebody else play in order to help students to understand the workings of media characteristics across different media.

  • Video
  • Videogames
  • Writing
  • Youtube


  • To create and modify writing productions
  • To use writing software and apps
  • To create and modify audiovisual productions
  • To use photographic and editing tools


  • To recognize and describe
  • To evaluate and reflect


  • To evaluate and reflect
Learning areas
  • Foreign Languages
  • Language
  • Technologies
Card language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Finnish
  • Italian


60’ (variable)
Number of participants
10-30 participants
  • 10-13
  • 14-16
  • 17-18
  • Writing material
  • Smartphone or video camera
  • Internet


Key questions
  • How does the story change when the narrator is not from the game world?
  • When you are not actually playing yourself, what is missing from the experience? What does the narration add to the experience?

A few days before the session, the teacher asks students to watch a Let’s Play video at home and think about their favourite youtubers.

In the classroom, the teacher asks the students about their favourite Let’s Play videos. The teacher picks one video from the favourites. The video is then watched together (not completely).
Students are then separated into small groups for the continuing activity. (15’).

Within the group the students show each other the videos they have selected at home and have a short discussion about their content. The group selects one of the videos for the following activity. (10’).

Each member of the group or the group together makes a Let’s Play based on a mobile game. The activity is done by writing down the experience of playing the mobile game.
Any game will do, the students can choose the game by themselves. Usually mobile phones come with some sample games, if the students haven’t downloaded any games themselves.
If the suitable technology is available, or if the group wishes to make a video with a mobile phone, the students can also make a video about playing the game. (30’).

After writing, each member of the group presents what they have written to the other groups. What kinds of differences/similarities are there in the written pieces? How did each group present the gaming experience by writing? Was there any critical notes about the game in the narration? (10’).


In the final discussion, the teacher should discuss the differences between different types of narration. For example, how does immediate narration (as in this activity) differ from a scripted narration? What is missing and what could be gained in the two formats?

References for professors

Tero Kerttula. University of Jyväskylä (Finland),

  • Video
  • Videogames
  • Writing
  • Youtube