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Learning card

The experience of a decade


With this activity students will research the most relevant social and historical events of a decade between 1950-1990, and create a guide that reflects how people experienced fashion, technology, the movies, music...

  • Cosplay
  • Fashion
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Writing


  • To recognize and describe
  • To evaluate and reflect
  • To take action and to apply


  • To create and modify audiovisual productions
  • To use filming and editing tools


  • To act


  • To search, select and download
  • To manage content archives
  • To manage content dissemination and sharing


  • To participate in social media
  • To collaborate
  • To coordinate and lead


  • To recognize and describe
  • To compare
  • To evaluate and reflect
  • To take action and to apply


  • To interpret
  • To recognize and describe
  • To compare
  • To evaluate and reflect
  • To take action and to apply


Learning areas
  • Arts
  • Social Sciences
Card language
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian


60’ (variable)
Number of participants
  • 17-18
  • Props and costumes/clothing
  • Computer or Smartphone
  • Photo editing app
  • Profiles


Key questions
  • What do I know about the second half of the 20th Century?
  • What new ideas do I have about my decade and my classmates decades?
  • How does my biography (and that of my family) relate to these decades?
  • What are the most relevant events of these decades? (Wars, peace, economic crisis, women’s rights…)
  • How did men and women dress in this decade?
  • What technology was used? (Cars, phones, computers)
  • How does each decade still affect today’s society and the students’ experiences?

Session 1: Group brainstorming for each decade. Choice of decades and group formation (duration 60’ – we suggest to do this at home).

Session 2: Define areas of research: social history, arts (music, film), TV, fashion and technology.
Define media to be used.
Write a questionnaire to ask relatives and acquaintances about their experience of the decade. It should include the areas of research. (Duration: 60’) Homework: Students interview relatives and other people. (Duration: 60’).

Session 3: Share results of interviews in groups and identify the most relevant material. Share it with the whole class. Duration 60’

Session 4: Based on interview findings start research for visual materials to be used as a visual guide for the decade in Instagram.
This will work as a mood board for the decade. Use hashtags #theexperienceofadecade and individual hashtags for each decade e.g. #thefiftiesexperience
Write comments on classmates’ posts.
(Duration: 60’)

Session 5: Find the most representative music bands and singers and create:

  • a playlist in Spotify
  • a YouTube list with TV commercials or film clips, dance, theatre, TV series, or other audiovisual materials
  • a selection of lines of popular songs.

Share with the class.
(Duration: 60’)

Session 6: Students create a 5 minute presentation based on an oral narrative where they introduce the decade using bits of their collective audiovisual materials. This presentation needs to be immersive, the audience should experience the decade and participate in some way.


Summary of interviews results (200 words approx).
Instragram posts: ability to represent visually the spirit of the decade. Written interaction with other groups.
Spotify and Youtube: ability to represent the spirit of the decade.
Final presentation: Accuracy and richness of ESL. Ability to involve the audience. Creativity and narrative quality.

References for professors

Eugenia Criado. Profesora de Magisterio en el CSEU La Salle,
Jorge Rodriguez Lopez. BA in Design and Management of Transmedia Projects at CSEU La Salle, Spain,

  • Cosplay
  • Fashion
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Writing